Gareth Pugh Studio

Get ready to delve into the world of fashion designing, which would make you aware of the best of its aspects with a wide range of variety and creativity you will witness. Wait no more and join us immediately!

Innovative Designer

You will love the designs designed by the master himself, which lies beyond the imagination of many. The sight of these would surely leave you in awe.

club wear

Get all set dressed with the best clubwear designs by Gareth Pugh that would make your outing even more special as you experience the best parties in the world.

modern luxury

Come and explore the world of luxury through the best of clothing with us.

His work with the introduction


If you are looking for some awe-aspiring designs that would work well with the cashmere wool and make you look smart and stylish, look no more because we have it all.

Mink Collections

Our mink collections will be perfect for you if you are looking for clothing that would cover you with fur in the best of designs and its innate softness.
Gareth Pugh

Somerset House Studios

Come and witness the beauty of our collections at the centre of creativity situated in the heart of the capital city London. We eagerly await your presence!

Extraordinary and provocative, Gareth Pugh’s creations

Designs that have evolved out of the various strings of thought blended with immense creativity would give you a look you would end up loving. That’s how the creations by Gareth Pugh would make you feel.
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